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Hey Friends, Did any one implemented Enterprise Mode site list via Intune……I am facing some challenges as its not working. I have performed following:


1: Created Intune Profile (Administrative Template) to Configure the Enterprise Mode Site List and added URL.

2: Created Intune Profile (Administrative Template) to Configure Internet Explorer integration and selected Internet Explorer Mode and Internet Explorer 11 but both not working.

3: Created AllowConfigureMicrosoftEdge as a REG_DWORD value with Value Data: 0 under HKLMSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftCCM as our is Co-Managed Environment.


4: Also deleted the HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftMicrosoftEdgeMainEnterpriseModeSiteList registry value.


But with all options, URL is not automatically re-direct to IE.


Main Requirement is we have one Legacy Billing Portal, which is not very much compatible with Edge, it work perfectly with IE. So need to fix this ASAP.


Kindly help or suggest, if i am implementing it wrongly or something is missing in this.

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  1. No response hence closing the thread.

  2. This guide has all lot of information on the enterprise mode https://www.inthecloud247.com/configure-the-enterprise-mode-site-list-with-microsoft-intune/

    Have you already tried this? And getting error?

    If so, we need to check event logs and registry entries to understand whether the Intune policy is applied correctly on those Windows 10 devices.

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