Executing intent for Android app with Intune?


Looking for the Intune equivalent to the following functionality offered by competing MDM solutions, if Intune even supports this:

AirWatch: https://docs.trendmicro.com/all/ent/tmms-ee/v9.8_sp4/en-us/tmms-ee_9.8_sp4_ssdm_olh_server/Configuring-Automati.html




this is about MDM solution being able to execute intent action against Android app: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/Intent

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  1. Can you explain it in a bit more detail…

    Is it adding additional functionality to your Android app?

    Is it for one particular vendor application or an LOB app developed within your organization?


      This is not about adding additional functionality to Android app. This is about using a particular feature native to Android ecosystem for Android apps built to use the intent feature.

      It’s basically an ability to pass parameters to an Android app or invoke specific function calls exposed by the app. The Android equivalent to command line arguments for desktop apps, is one use case. This can be triggered via ADB interface outside of MDM solutions, otherwise, the MDM solution would have some integration that performs the equivalent that ADB method would do.

      In my case, we are talking about an LOB app for my org. An in-house app.

      The question is whether Intune has the ability to perform these actions that competing solutions offer.

      • Hi, thank you for the details.

        I don’t know about any options to trigger this type of scripting action via Intune. There is no script deployment option available for Android devices in Intune.

        I don’t think these types of actions can be triggered using OMA-URI. If these can be triggered using OMA-URI, then Intune can deploy those kinds of policies using the custom OMA-URI option.

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