Feature update to Windows 10 version 1909 – Error 0x800f0988


Hello Friends,

I am facing this error in few of the machines, Feature Update deployment via Intune.

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Already followed this article’s, but no luck

Any other solutions will be helpful?


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  1. No further response hence closing the thread

  2. You are getting the error only for some devices? not for all devices from same office?

    It could be wider issue …

    But make sure you have opened all the firewall and proxy ports

    May be you can refer to https://www.anoopcnair.com/intune-firewall-proxy-requirements-windows-10/


      Hey Anoop,

      Thanks for the reply, but these devices are not connected to Office. Mainly its connected to Home Network due to Covid Issues all are working from home. Not sure if that still valid.


      • It depends …
        if you are using proxy or VPN or
        they are directly going out to the internet ..without any proxy, anti-virus, VPN ..

        If the devices don’t have any of the above (proxy, anti-virus firewall) then, it doesn’t matter and it could be some other issue

        Best answer

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