Fix Outlook “Downloading Messages” Issue on iPhone


Hi All,

I have a user with an iPhone and Outlook. It has been working without any problems for 4 years. And last week Outlook is just showing “downloading messages”. Works fine on PC and online.
What I have done:
Uninstalled the company portal and reinstalled the company portal
Uninstalled Outlook and reinstalled
Removed accounts and added again
Opened settings inside the Outlook app –> Selected the correct accounts –> Reset account
Waited 24 hours for possible sync on different networks
Removed the profile –> Reinstalled the profile
It also dose not work on a new device.
What can I try next?
Posted by Jacob Engelmann Olsen in HTMD FB Group
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    For More Details Best Guide to Set New Outlook as Default Mail Client with Intune

    Replied by Renee Dick

    Any chance this device has an old OS version? I beleive there was an advisory /announcement about desupporting outlook on older versions of the app on certain browsers/os. See below:
    MC801980 | June 18 – Starting mid-July 2024, legacy Outlook clients will be retired, affecting users with outdated versions on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows Mail and Calendar applications. From mid-August, outdated browsers will receive an error on Outlook web. Users must update to the latest versions for continued functionality and support.

    Replied by Daniel Barga

    Probably an expired Apple MDM Push Certificate

    Replied by Jacob Engelmann Olsen

    anyone ?

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