Force Application Re-Installation via InTune



How can we force an application re-installation via Intune. There are couple of devices for which the McAfee/Trellix Agent is corrupted & it needs a re-installation.

Devices are onboarded to intune. Want to get this from backend for couple of devices.


Please suggest.

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  1. Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for reaching HTMD. You can try to sync the device from the Intune side. Else try to restart the Intune Management Extension service from the device.


      Thanks for reply.
      The app is already installed . We need to force re-installation.
      Syncing device or Restarting service will evaluate again & since the app is already installed with detection rule….it will not attempt a re-installation.

      • Have you tried the new detection method or remediation script method?

        New detection might not help, but a remediation script is the one option.

        But why do you need to reinstall if there is any problem with the app then the best method is to create a new version by fixing the bug on the app rather than reinstalling it.

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