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Hi All,

Could you please advise me on how to generate a report via PowerShell for Intune when my script detects any service that is stopped or running?
I can create a custom compliance policy that will flag the device as ‘non-compliant’ when it detects that the service is stopped or unavailable. Additionally, I can create a remediation script for installing the missing service.
However, I specifically want a list of devices where a particular service isn’t running.
I appreciate your assistance in advance. It’s truly impressive to see such a collaborative community.

Posted by Akter Hossain in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Ingo Flink

    Akter Hossain, idk but why would you? If the service is not running, then remediate the service. No need to involve the service desk. If it’s about reporting, then check how often the remediation was run.

  2. Replied by Ingo Flink

    You already got the answer. Do a remediation script.
    I don’t play around with compliance, as CA rules would kick in.

    Replied by Akter Hossain

    Ingo Flink, Thank you very much for your response. It makes perfect sense!

    Replied by Akter Hossain

    Ingo Flink A question: Is it possible to send an email/notification to the helpdesk if the detection script identifies a service not running on any device? Thank you.

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