How to block accessing Onedrive files from Managed Browser(Edge)


The below given scenario was tested on an Android phone enrolled to Intune MDM.

In our environment I’m able to access personal accounts from Edge(Managed browser) and it is possible to attach files from Onedrive(Managed app) to personal account.

I have created an app configuration policy for both the managed apps – Onedrive & Edge. But still can attach files from Onedrive.

Is there a way we can block the accessing Onedrive files via Edge.


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    Hello Anoop,

    Thank you for the reply

    I have refered the doc and I tried to configure with conditional access policy, but not sure which feature to use to block the Onedrive files…

    Can you please give more information and specific which part to work on….??

    Thank you

    • Can you share what are the conditional access policies (conditions) that you set for OneDrive application?


        The conditions I have set is given below:-

        Cloud apps or actions :-
        Office 365

        Conditions :-

        Device Platform – iOS & Android
        Client Apps included – Browser

        Grant :-
        Require approved client app
        Require app protection policy

        Please kindly check and tell if it is the appropriate and what are the changes and corrections that needs to be done.

        Thanks & Regards

  1. The best way to configure app protection policies is with Conditional Access.

    Have you already tried that?

    Best answer

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