How to change the default fonts and Size in outlook 2016 Intune policy



I have one question about outlook 2016 and outlook for Microsoft 356.

How to cahnge the Default fonts and Size in outlook 2016 Intune policy. I means with ADMX outlook 2016 file.


I’m using this OMA-URI and Value. but it is not working.


Value: <enable/> <data id=”L_StationeryFonts” value=”Franklin Gothic Book,10″/>


Regards, Shevan

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  1. Can you check the registry entries to confirm whether the policy got applied on the Windows 10 device?

    ADMX Injection happened? Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PolicyManager\AdmxDefault\AAB267BF-EBF2-4649-822C-74511A4CC253\outlk16v2~Policy~L_MicrosoftOfficeOutlook~L_OutlookOptions~L_MailFormat~L_StationeryandFonts\L_StationeryFonts


    Then proceed with other steps like policy value is there in the registry etc to understand it better

    I have some examples

    The path would be similar Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PolicyManager\Providers\AAB267BF-EBF2-4649-822C-74511A4CC253\default\S-1-12-1-1245278575-1092210432-2695042466-3045220724\outlk16v2~Policy~L_MicrosoftOfficeOutlook~L_Miscellaneous

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