How to convert a device listed as personal into corporate


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We have a few AD Hybrid machines which are showing up as “Personal” in Intune Console.  These devices are not BYOD personal but are actually corporate devices AD joined.  However there is no ability when clicking device properties to save the device ownership as Corporate. (The save icon is greyed out).  The Device Category is unassigned.

There are very few machines in this situation and they have been added to intune via the Access Work School Option.

The User has a Intune and Windows 10 license.  M365 EMS

Any Ideas?


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    I think these devices are not Hybrid Azure AD joined.

    Hybrid AD Joined = Domain Join + Azure AD registered (using AAD Connect).

    It seems the device is showing as personal because the AD that the device is joined is not connected/synced with Azure AD.


      Hi Anoop

      So If I go via the Azure Portal > Active Directory > Devices

      I can see the devices listed as join type =
      Hybrid Azure AD joined


        If it’s Hybrid Azure AD join then it should be corp device


          That’s the problem 13 devices are not showing ownership as corporate even though they are Hybrid Azure AD Devices. They appear in Azure as Hybrid Azure AD Joined
          in Intune they appear as Personal.

          Is there no way to switch the device to Corporate from Personal?


            I would recommend raising a ticket with Microsoft.

            I don’t know why it’s showing as personal. How did you join these devices to Intune? Through group policy? If so it should show as corporate for sure.

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