How to deploy antivirus software having perpetual license


hello everyone,

kindly guide me how to deploy antivirus software with its perpetual license through Intune.
all the devices are already enrolled with Intune and other apps such as MS LOB, Win32 going very well.

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    Hello Sabarish!

    What’s the behavior of Antivirus product which you’re using! Did you able to make it manually silent activation?

    I believe same approach you can take forward with Intune Package!


      I agree with Jitesh … this should be something your packaging team can help to automate ?


      hi jitesh and Anoop, thank you for the comments. currently there is no separate team for packaging. kindly help me with any reference article how can I package along with perpetual license keys.
      antivirus product is Kaspersky, need to push to 100s of PCs.


        Let’s try for Installation in the silent mode using below mentioned command line based on your setup file (.msi or. Exe) ! Before targeting for bulk deployment, Make sure It’s working for individual machine. I also not tried yet for Kaspersky but these might help you.

        Don’t forget to Change your setup file location

        —-Command line

        msiexec /i C:\KES10SP2\kes10winsp2.msi EULA=1 KSN=1 KLPASSWD=test KLPASSWDAREA=EXIT ALLOWREBOOT=0 /qn

        —- Command line

        setup.exe /pEULA=1 /pKSN=1 /pKLPASSWD= /pKLPASSWDAREA= /pALLOWREBOOT=1 /s


        EULA=1 means acceptance of the End User License Agreement. The installation will not proceed if EULA=0.

        KSN=1 means you agree to participate in the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN). This is a mandatory parameter and has no default value.

        KLPASSWD sets a password authorizing certain actions with the application and modification of application settings.

        KLPASSWDAREA is used in combination with KLPASSWD and can be one of the following:

        SET — set a password to modify the application settings.
        EXIT — set a password to exit the application.
        DISPROTECT — set a password to disable protection components and stop scan tasks.
        DISPOLICY — set a password to disable the Kaspersky Security Center 10 policy.
        UNIST — set a password to remove the application from the device.
        DISCONTRL — set a password to disable control components (Application Startup Control, Application Privilege Control, Vulnerability Monitor, Device Control, Web Control).
        REMOVELIC — set a password to remove the license.

        ALLOWREBOOT=1 — you agree to automatically reboot the computer if necessary. If the ALLOWREBOOT parameter is not included into the command, ALLOWREBOOT=0 is set by default.

        For licence key you can check here –

        Once you able to install silently you can create package in Intune and make deployment.

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