How to export Intune Data via powershell


Hi how would you export all devices in a CSV file for devices in Intune?

I’m looking to automate a export report.

SCCM we could use their cmdlets but Intune does’nt seem to have any.

Has anyone created any scripts for exporting devices and their info using graph api?

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    Run PowerShell as an Administrator and accept the UAC popup. Run Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass. Run .\DeviceConfiguration_Export.ps1. The next step is to provide the export location.
    Now all of our settings are exported!

  1. You have better options with Intune like Graph API to export all these records?

    When making the request, you must provide a reportName parameter as part of the request body based on the report that you would like to export. Below is an example of an export request for the Devices report. You must use the POST HTTP method on your request. The POST method is used to create a new resource or perform an action.

    You can also try to analyze

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