How to perform scheduled notification through intune for Windows 10 devices



I have a requirement to send a notification to Windows 10 devices everyday in 6 hours interval through Intune. The popup needs to display on machine every 6 hours.

I have powershell script to display notification, but is it possible from intune to send notification / Deployed on scheduled intervals?

Let me know if there are some other options to push via intune rather than script also.


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  1. Toast notification or normal notification

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    I found something interesting while doing some testing 🙂 I have not tested this but it might help ….

    You can try this for toast notification – But maybe u need to create a scheduled task and call the Extensionagentexecutor.exe

    “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Intune Management Extensionagentexecutor.exe” -toast “ToastDownloadingMessage”

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