How to Protect Data on Windows Devices with Intune


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Currently, Intune has app protection applied for mobile can protect data ( as prevent download data sent to Gmail…)
But with the user using Windows, how to protect data as a user can download files and upload them to another email? Some pages allow upload…


Posted by  Thanh Tien in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Thanh Tien

    David Olvera if using DLP then must using Microsoft endpoint ? And Endpoint scan all data when user upload to another location , if location different ofice365 then will block ?

    Replied by Umair Iqbal

    U need DLP


    Fore More Details Prevent Users to Change Date and Time on Windows using Intune Policy

    Replied by Nick Cowley

    Used to be able to do via Windows Information Protection (WIP), but got discontinued.
    Currently only MAM on Edge possible,

    Replied by Thanh Tien

    Nick Cowley MAM on win edge , this only for personal device. But in company’s device still can upload data to another URL ..

    Replied by David Olvera


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