How to remove all the users from an Azure Ad group automatically


We have a security restriction so for that we need to perform removal of all the Machines from that Azure Ad group automatically at the end of the day

ANY powershell script that we can use?

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Suresh Gopi Kolluri 5 months 5 Answers 105 views Beginner 0

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  1. We are trying to do it on Azure Ad group

  2. Thanks Anoop

    Can you provide more details so that it will be helpful to us

  3. Azure AD group or AD groups? Yes both can be automated via Microsoft graph …

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  4. Hi Jithesh, Exactly we wish to remove all the user’s from that group automatically

    We have one Intune profile which is conditionally approved by Security team so we wish to deploy that on demand basis and we have to remove it post troubleshooting

    Intune profile is assigned to that group so we are checking if we can do any kind of clean up of that Ad group automatically

  5. I don’t understand your requirements. Deleting all users from group everyday ?

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