How to rename co-managed devices?

  1. How to rename a device when a device is in a co-managed state?
  • I checked but rename option is greyed out in Intune.

2. I moved the device from a Co-managed state to Intune but when we rename the device it is showing the device is moving out to OU which breaks the device trust relationship. These machines are Hybrid AD joined.

The only way to fix is to rejoin the device to AD and moved it to its original OU.

Any suggestions

Answers ( 2 )


    You can rename a co-managed device that is Azure AD joined. The “Rename device” setting is currently disabled for Hybrid Azure AD joined devices.

    + Reference link –

    I’m not sure whether any further development on this, As I haven’t tried this option for a long time! We’ll check more on that and update.

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