How to unenroll a device without messing user’s data


We have an environment where desktops strictly manage by SCCM and Laptops with Intune.

Some how 25 desktops got enrolled in laptops and the customer wants to remove them without removing user’s data.

We need a command or best steps to delete/remove desktops from Intune.

The devices are completely managed by SCCM, no Co-management in place.

Devices are hybrid joined.

please help its urgent.

I have gone through the below links already but do not find assurance of the user’s data

Intune Delete action no longer Retire iOS and Android Devices


Remove Windows Device from Azure AD Join | Intune Management


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  1. I have not gone through this scenario in the real world.

    I would recommend:

    1. Take one machine for testing scenario
    2. From the settings page, try to remove the Intune enrollment and check whether that works or not

    The more automated option is to use the PowerShell script method to remove the enrollment, and this PowerShell script must run from the user context.

    I don’t have a script ready for this.

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