How to Uninstall a Skype for Business app from Office package through Intune?


Hi Team,

IĀ  have an requirement to uninstallĀ  Skype for Business app from office package.Could you please share the related documents if we have option to achieve this task.

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    Hopefully are there any updates, Try to share the solution to help others in the community


    I don’t have answers .. there is no out of box way to fix this. You might use 3rd party apps to enable this function to close apps….

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    Hi Anup,

    Thanks for sharing the details, I have observed some issue during this task.

    1. This method only works when all the MS Office apps are closed.
    2. Few applications like Outlook, Lync and Excel were running in the background and had to be manually closed from Task manager.

    I will be waiting for your valuable inputs on this.


    Can you try this option to uninstall only Skype for business ..?

    Use Uninstall Option?

    Let me know the results?

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