How ? Windows 10 version 1709 / 1809 Intune enrolled system upgraded with latest Feature Update 21H1 ?


Hi Experts,

we have few windows 10 version 1709 system enrolled to Intune. we are trying to upgrade the build with latest Feature Update 21H1 but its not getting upgraded and getting this message: “You’re not receiving security updates.” your version of windows 10 has reached end of service and isn’t receiving security update.

Could you please suggest using Intune how to update 1709 and 1809 build system with latest Feature Update 21H1 ?

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    Thank you for the responses.

    I had gone through multiple technet article but no where found clear statement if Feature pack upgrade is supported by Microsoft for what all versions. Also its still shows in the Intune portal in preview state.!

    Would appreciate if you could clarify


    The generic process is explained in the post and the video

    Intune Feature Update Troubleshooting is explained in the post below:

    Also check whether those Windows 10 versions are supported for 21H1 or not.

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