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Hi All,

I need urgent help! I want to deploy an HP plotter printer driver. I only have the exe. I already created a win32 file. If I reboot the laptop, I can see Intune provide the file, and it downloads, but get fails to install.
Iam not great in PS1. Maybe I missed some ????
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  1. Replied by Marcus Loew

    Andre Williams for first instance, the file is local on C:….only testing

  2. Replied by Andre Williams

    To deploy an HP plotter printer driver using Intune, you can create a win32 app package. However, installing printer drivers through a win32 app requires a silent installation method using a script. Here’s an example of how you can create a script using PowerShell to install the printer driver silently:
    1. Open a text editor, like Notepad, and create a new file.
    2. Copy and paste the following script into the file:
    $packageArgs = @{
    packageName = ‘Printer Driver’
    fileType = ‘exe’
    url = ”
    silencers = ‘/s’ # Use the appropriate silent installation parameter for the specific exe
    validExitCodes= @(0)
    Install-ChocolateyPackage @packageArgs
    3. Replace “ with the direct download link to the HP plotter printer driver executable.
    4. Save the file with a `.ps1` extension, e.g., `InstallPrinterDriver.ps1`.
    5. Create a win32 app package in Intune and upload the `InstallPrinterDriver.ps1` script as the install command.
    6. Configure the rest of the win32 app package settings as required.

    Replied by Marcus Loew

    Andre Williams, thanks, man. I will follow that up tomorrow

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