Hybrid Device management and how ?


Can we manage windows system using SCCM and Intune simultaneity  or either will work..

I need to manage client for software deployment and patch functionality for on-prime and out of office users !

Please share any reference url to manage.




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  1. Hello, Microsoft had already introduced a “comanagement” capability that permitted organizations to domain join client devices and use either SCCM or Intune to manage them..

    Please refer https://www.anoopcnair.com/sccm-co-management-configuration-8/

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      Thank you for the responses.. I am not sure if this is the correct forum to ask but if you could guide me would be helpful..

      I need information if Is it possible to work simultaneity on-premises Active Directory and Hybrid Azure AD Authentication framework for the endpoint ( Workstation login) ?

      What are the Authentication framework for the endpoint will work e.g. Hybrid AD with Azure AD with Duo / MFA ?

      My requirement is to achieve , When System/Laptop is trying to login for corporate network then it should use local AD DC authentication while when same device try to login from outside network then it should authenticate with hybrid Azure AD.

      • Yes that is the hybrid solution which you are talking about ..it’s officially called Hybrid Azure AD Join scenario

        Hybrid Azure AD Joined = On Prem AD Joined + Azure AD registered

        So both the scenarios should work.

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