Hybrid join Device via Autopilot


Hi All,

I have set the Hybrid join device via autopilot, and the device got registered in local AD and also device appeared in AAD devices two times
any reason why?
Is that normal? Or do I need to set something
Please can someone help me with this

Posted by Gassous Souhail  in HTMD FB Group

Answers ( 3 )

  1. Replied by Mathiyalagan Madhavan

    Gassous Souhail hi for the first 2 days, it will show like this, then only hybrid will show others will get removed automatically

    Replied by Anand Choudhary

    That’s normal when you important hardware hash, it creates one entry second sync from local Ad, which will show as a hybrid entra. I’d join

  2. Replied by Richard Barnes

    The joys of HAADJ

    Replied by Gassous Souhail

    Richard Barnes, sorry I didn’t understand what you wanna mean exactly

    Replied by Richard Barnes

    Gassous Souhail if you can, skip hybrid joined and use pure, azure ad joined. Much less hassle.

  3. Replied by Kenny Go

    Thats normal

    Replied by Gassous Souhail

    Kenny Go, ooh, really

    Replied by Gassous Souhail

    Is the same as in your environment

    Replied by Gassous Souhail

    Kenny Go thank you so much

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