Hybrid-joined device enrolment to Intune failing



I’m trying to enroll few hybrid-joined Win 10 devices to Intune and enrollment is failing with below error when checked the event logs from

Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > DeviceManagement-Enterprise-Diagnostic-Provider > Admin

Event ID 76:

Auto MDM Enroll: Device Credential (0x0), Failed (Unknown Win32 Error code: 0x8018002a)

Could you assist on this.



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  1. Did you able to get any solution for the problem?

    I think you are using group policy to enroll the device into Intune…

    Can you share which option is used in the policy?

    I have seen the issues with Device options of Intune enrollment group policy before.

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  2. Have you tried to check whether the device record is already present in AAD?

    If it’s not there in aad, then you need to fix that first …

    Then you can check the event logs related to enterprise device management

    More details

    [By #Joy] Windows 10 MDM log Checklist – An ultimate help guide for Intune Administrators – Part 1 #MSIntune #MEMPowered #Intune #SCCM #ConfigMgr


      Device entry is seen in AAD and is registered fine.
      No other errors I see apart from the one’s under Event Viewer.
      Anything else that you could suggest here.

      I went through the link from Joy. As device is not enrolled to Intune, “Info” option is not yet available on the client machine.


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