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Hi All,

Can anyone point me to a modern guide to implementing FSLogix for Windows Virtual Desktop? I’m finding conflicting info online that I think is not required anymore, such as needing to set up a complex Kerberos method.
My AVDs are Multi-Session Windows 11 VMs that are joined to Azure AD and enrolled in Intune (assume I can use policies, etc., to configure it?). The users are hybrid-synced.

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  1. Replied by Sanjay Mittal

    Depends on how you want to implement the hosts, If you want to use hosts AAD DS Member or Azure AD Members. If you use Azure AD, You possibly can, but then you will have roaming profile issues on how to share hosts. FSLogix is not without bugs. And we have quite a few installations, and with every new update comes a bug. Work out if you need AVD, or you can get away with Windows 365 Enterprise using Azure VNET. All depends on your business needs

    Replied by Matt Page

    Sanjay Mittal We already have AVD, I just want to set FSLogix.
    AVD VMs are joined to Azure AD
    User accounts are on-premise sync.
    Can you advise on a setup guide at all?

    Replied by Sanjay Mittal

    Matt Page needs to understand the setup of your Intune configuration profile and what you want out of FSLogix. The simple solution is to create a storage account, enable file share, and configure NTFS permission and permissions in Azure Access Control, and the profile can be saved to the Storage account. Once again, you need a document on your clear goal. If you are using Azure AD VM Host, then SSO is fine for all M365 apps, but if you are using any application servers in Azure, how do you connect with custom apps and DB locally? For example, you may have an SQL DB Server, Application Servers, Reverse Proxy, or a custom application like NAV On-Prem. What I am saying is that you need to document your infrastructure, set goals, and then make a plan. Signing out now for Weekend

  2. Replied by Joe Terracciano

    I have this setup. I will see if I can find the doc the MS rep sent to us. We didn’t have to set up Kerberos, but there are PS commands that need to be run for setting the access to the share.

    Replied by Matt Page

    Joe Terracciano OK, interesting. Thanks, I’d really appreciate it if you could… thanks.

    Replied by Joe Terracciano

    Matt here is the link we had walked through.…/fslogix-profile-container…

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