Integrating the SQL Server Machine into Intune


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As we transition all devices to Intune, I have a 2x on prem servers 1x AD Server 2022 and 1x member Server 2019.
Obviously with Intune, we no longer need a local AD sever, and happy to switch off when the time comes, however we will need to retain a server to run a SQL server database for internal software. (Autodesk Vault and Cim50)
What do I do with this SQL server machine, can I Enroll fully into Intune.
Posted by Paul Chown in HTMD FB Group
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    Replied by Jami Susijärvi

    You can look for Entra Domain Services. You can join SQL server to there and authenticate with Entra ID Identiese. If it’s not possible to move from on-premise SQL to Azure SQL example


    For More Details SQL Server Management Studio with Azure Data Studio Installation Upgrade Process

    Replied by Paul Thomas

    I think you are mixing up Intune and Entra.
    Intune is the MDM management tool and Entra is Azure Active Directory.

    Replied by Steven McKenzie

    Is it just SQL? You would have to remove it from the domain and then use Azure Arc. Intune doesn’t support servers

    Replied by Sanjay Mittal

    Intune is primarily a cloud-based service for managing devices and applications. It doesn’t manage servers in the traditional sense, as an on-premises AD does. Hence, you cannot “enroll” a server into Intune like you would with desktops and mobile devices. Maintain a hybrid environment where your SQL Server remains on-premises while other services and management tools migrate to the cloud. You can use Azure tools for management and oversight if fully integrating into Azure is part of your plan. If your app supports it, use it as a standalone server and remove it from DC

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