Integration of Google Meet with Intune


How I can integrate Google Meet with Intune?

I got the package ID of Google:

This is correct or not I don’t know.

I have added this in custom app, in the app-protection policy. FYI please check the attatcment.Google Meet Package ID - HTMD Forum - Welcome to the world of Device Management! This is community build by Device Management Admins for Device Management Admins❤️ Ask your questions!! We are here to help you! - Integration of Google Meet with Intune

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    I have the same question. I want to be able to deploy app protection policies for Google Meets using intune

    • I don’t know whether Google Meet is enabled for Intune MAM protection for Android Devices?

      But I see this solution in Reddit?

      I have a case with Microsoft on this. We have found that with app protection policies turned on the link has to be in the gmeet://xxx-XXXX-xxx format. So the workaround is to educate anyone sending the link out to send it in 2 formats. and also gmeet://xxx-xxxx-xxx . This is not ideal. I’m pushing back on Microsoft to fix this since it works without APP enabled. Also to note the gmeet://xxx-xxxx-xxx format only work on IOS…it doesn’t work in Android or Web/Desktop access. If I get any further I’ll share.

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  1. Hello Biswajit, Any update on asked queries! Your response will help us to assist you further.

  2. What you meant by integrating Google Meet with Intune?

    Do you want t to deploy the Google Meet application to Intune-managed devices?


    Do you want to deploy app protection policies?

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