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I am making in short my question in points

  1. earlier prior 5 months have to set up  MDM authority manually, now we are not getting option. What may be the reason?
  2. If I want to set up co-management  tenant, how to do that? As I can’t see the authority in azure portal as well endpoint portal?
  3. as you told now MDM AUTHORITY is having only two platforms one is intune othe ris office. If I want to change I just want to know the option where to see
  4. Is auto enrollment option applicable for only windows (autopilot) ? we set this in MDM+MAM blade in AAD
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  1. Co- management is not Hybrid mdm. Hybrid MDM option is dead now … so the only option is Intune management authority … sccm management authority is already dead that is why that option is not available

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  2. I can’t read the question because question title itself 2 km long … pls provide small titles

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