Intune deployment of OneDrive only



I think what I am asking is possible but just looking for validation.

We looking at implementing a Privileged Access Workstation IPAW) using the zero trust principles we have with our AVD standard build which is modern managed, however we do not want to allow use of the productivity suite like Microsoft 365. However there is a need that a user using a PAW may need to retrieve logs and needs a way to send these via the internet.

We currently deploy the full M365 Office via Intune deployment. Is there a way we can just deploy OneDrive only?

The AVD VM will also not have internet access except for the mandatory URLs and ports to run the AVD service as well as any service endpoints we want to allow for the PAW to function as intended.

Microsoft have a list of IPs that we would need to allow, I am aware that if we allow OneDrive, by default it was also allow SharePoint Online as it uses the same URLs considering it uses the same backend.

Would my understanding of this be correct?

Thank you

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