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We have an Intune/MEM ‘Windows 10 Device Compliance’ policy and assigned to a collection containing only devices.
Eventhough only devices should report back, but we also see equivalent number of UPN’s. So for each we see both computer and user reporting back.
Most of the time all is good but a lot computers reporting an error about Firewall or Bitlocker issues in details. There is a UserVoice reporting this exact problem but no real answer from Microsoft.  So our question remains, is it obvious that we should only target devices or should we switch to Users since users.
The problem with targetting to users is that a user can logon to different kind of computer configuration, say a Kiosk, a reception or a regular office computer. So a system policy targetting to a device seems more logical to us.
So question remains, how to you configure and do you experience same issue as our enviroment

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    Thank you. That is a comprehensive knowledge article. I will certainly read it.

    Meanwhile, the issue is resolved with Intune support team guidance. It is the third party firewall which happen to block Intune beeing able to query default Windows Firewall and giving Bitlocker encryption policy also trouble. By disabling WF requirement things are looking more green now.

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    Hello, Here you check Joy explained about behind the scene logics.

    Intune Policy Assignment Classification Easy Secrets of using Graph API with PowerShell



      When using thirdparty proxy or antivirus intine cannot verify those and so it will report back as nom compliant. We had to disable checking lf those firewall and antivirus to make cosmetic error disappear.

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