Intune Device Reports – Mainly Hardware (IP Address)


Hello All,

Another Query……Intune Device Reports – Mainly Hardware (IP Address)

I need to prepare, Device Report mainly Hardware Report which must includes IP Address of the Devices since need to evaluate Routing Table for VPN

We wanted to know if any user has 10.x.x.x home network. If so, it could create a conflict with routing.

I have already established connect between PowerBI and Intune but unable to find right field or category  (Device) to check IP Address.

Could someone help me in this or Provide Query for same.

Could be PowerBI or PowerShell .

Thanks in Advance……Manav

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    Can you pls let us know where are you searching for IP Address…

    Even though you are able to find the IP, it might keep on changing in the Homework scenario ..isn’t it.

    Are you going to change and maintain that IP list everyday …

    This is going to be super complex if I understand it correctly

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