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Hi All,

I have setup a device with Autopilot which is successful but I found out the administrator account is disabled on the device after autopilot. So I am not able to do any admin test task.

I am thinking about to deploy a script to add the users in local admin group.

Below mentioned the command I am using.

Net localgroup administrators “[email protected]” /add


I want to know if I can add a groups of users here so I do not have to edit and run this command everytime I want to another user.


Can we have a email address of a intune group which we can add here and all the members of that group will add in the local admin when the script will execute on devices.



Anmol Gupta

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  1. I don’t think it’s that straight forward task.

    Your idea will work with Hybrid Azure AD joined devices but it’s a bit challenging for Azure AD joined devices (if I understand it correctly)

    Jeff got a very detailed blog about this feature

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