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I have some queries about intunes, as I am new to Intunes I want to know something related to intunes below are the points to know.

  • Which ports are required to communicate on-premises devices to intunes/SCCM/AD?
  • Do we need SCCM in the picture to do Autopilot using intunes?
  • Can we export the onpremesis AD GPO based on OU to Intunes so that during autopilot automatically policies may apply?
  • Can we export the on-premises mapped drive to intunes so that as & when user login automatically the drives may mapped in hybrid AD option?
  • Customized image with all apps installed can be rolled out using intunes.
  • The intunes enrollment link is publicly accessible only.
  • Some specific license prerequisites to achieve the entire above configuration.

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  1. #1 – Port details
    #2 – NO. Only Intune is OK for Autopilot.
    #3 – You need to use Windows 10 CSP or Intune policies instead of Group Policies
    #4 – You need to use a different solution for drive mapping –
    #5 – Yes but not recommended. You need to avoid creating custom images. This is the whole point of Autopilot to avoid create custom images.
    #6 – Which link …it’s a SaaS solution. So it’s public enrollment link/
    #7 – Intune Licensing – you have many options. EMS E3, Microsoft E3, etc…

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