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Device type iOS

So this customer has iOS devices enrolled via DEP(ade) and other iphones devices non DEP.

And they want seperate set of configuration policies , device restrictions to be imposed to the two devices enrolment categories.

What’s the best way to achieve this?

Create 2 device configuration profiles with different device restrictions one for dep and other for non dep?

And then create a dynamic device group, each for dep and non dep and then assign these respective device groups to the 2 device configuration profile we earlier Created.

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  1. Yes non DEP devices are treated as person devices
    And DEP enrolled devices are treated as corporate devices


    Thanks Anoop, I have a silly question- does Intune show which devices are dep enrolled vs non dep enrolled?

  2. Sounds alright … even though I have not done any testing particularly for this iOS scenario explained above.

    You just need to be careful about device restriction policies when same users have DEP and NON DEP types of devices.

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