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Regards to iOS lob apps, which are showing expiration date set to 1 year from the date of configured in App ( Overview ).

I have gone through some article using provisioning profile, we can extend the expiration date for another year and max to 3 years.

I am not from back round of coding, but interested to know about how the provisioning profiles works and is it something built in Intune ?. How we can extend the app before expiration.

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    This is what mentioned in the Microsoft doc if I’m not wrong


    I think if we are on the same page you don’t need to worry about 1 year validity … cert renewal must happen automatically as per Microsoft doc.

    The enterprise signing certificate that you use to sign apps typically lasts for three years. However, the provisioning profile expires after a year. While the certificate is still valid, Intune gives you the tools to proactively assign a new provisioning profile to devices that have apps that are nearing expiry. After the certificate expires, you must sign the app again with a new certificate and embed a new provisioning profile with the key of the new certificate.

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      Thank you,
      Does it happens automatically ? ( I mean, Intune pushes provisioning profile by itself to devices that have apps that are nearing expiry ). No action required from our end.
      This is my understanding, please correct me.

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