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Hi Team,

Anybody working on Intune Kiosk Device configuration. I have following few doubts.

  1. The Kiosk setting machine should join AAD ( Azure Active Directory)?
  2. As a single task Kiosk configuration, what are the other restrictions required?
  3. After configuring Kiosk, how to manage the machine like monthly patching other activities?
  4. What is the best practice to do Kiosk (Edge mode)

Answer ( 1 )

  1. AutoPilot profile with self-deploying mode to configure the device without user interaction.
    Single app mode and multi app mode are also available
    Also you can use Azure AD Join (Recommended)
    Monthly patches – similar to another device using WUfB policies from Intune –

    KIOSK Browser application from Microsoft store is an option?

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