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In Intune, when we assign a custom roles to any support desk agent or second level support engineer, we should assign Intune license to the admin account. recently Microsoft announced that the requirement of license is no needed. the below is the url which is published in What’s new Intune portal.

Now I want to know what are things which are to be taken care before enabling the feature in our tenant. As this is non-reversible I want to be more careful before enabling the feature,

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  1. Unfortunately I have not seen the clarified doc from Microsoft


    Hi Anoop,
    Thanks for the update, do we have any article published by MS on this. My organisation is looking for an article which supports this, I’m unable find one

  2. No response hence closing the thread

  3. Yes I know that message is very scary. But I have tested this in lab environment and I don’t think there is anything to be scared about this action.

    I think there should be a way to revert in case of some issues at a later stage via Microsoft premier support case.

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