Intune mandatory prerequisite ( Moving from SCCM 2012 to Intune )


Hi Guys,

We were earlier using SCCM 2012 for the patch management and application deployment for Windows 10 all flavour version systems. Now are in the process to move from SCCM to Intune cloud environment completely. But now we are facing issues with the System auto enrollment to Intune. I have gone through with multiple article but not finding straight forward answer.


Can you please help me with the mandatory prerequisite and consideration to the smooth transition ?


Does SCCM client needs to be removed completely to enroll the system into the Intune ?


Got mix responses  some of my colleagues told it works with and without sccm client present in the system. To be sure if the auto enrolment works and support by Microsoft where client exists in the systems ?

Your response highly appreciated.





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    Thank you..In case sccm agent is available in the system. Does still Microsoft support if there any issues appears with Intune?

  1. There are mutilple ways to enroll windows 10 devices into Intune.
    you don’t have to have sccm client installed to move to Intune management

    You can use autopilot to migrate windows 10 devices to intune

    you can use group policy to enroll devices into Intune

    1. Intune & EMS E3 licenses
    2. auto enrolment enabled from Azure portal
    3. Devices should be Azure AD joined ( if using group policy)
    4. etc…

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