InTune MMD Win32App(appv) application REQUIRED Deployment stuck at ‘INCOMING’ but not progressing to ‘STAGING’ & ‘STAGED’ & IMECACHE


Hi Anoop,

I’m currently Deploying Win32app app-v InHouse package(please don’t confuse with app-v client)  to MMD devices.

This application has done well in 300 devices but doesn’t install/download content completely on newly build MMD devices.

I went through forum and as per the suggestion currently the application content is stuck at ‘INCOMING’ stage and hasn’t moved to ‘STAGING’, ‘STAGED’ and then MIMECACHE.

Appv client is enabled on this devices so that’s not an issue.

Please help.



Naushad Ali

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  1. Have you already checked this option – Intune Management Extension Level 3 Troubleshooting Guide Intune win32 App

    If you can go through all the details in the post that might help… Let me know where exactly you are getting stuck.

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