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Hello Team, My Question Is About “INTUNE” Mobile Devices Ownership Checkpoint Personal Vs Corporate During Enrollment by End User. How To Configure The Device Ownership For End User Enrollment. I know manual process. But, this to be manage by end users. Appreciated your quick recommendations and support link


Sundar Bose

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Sundaramoorthi Bose 8 months 2020-08-17T02:37:41+05:30 3 Answers 64 views Beginner 0

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    That is the manual method? You already mentioned that you know the manual way?

    Wht is your exact requirement?

    1. Manual?
    2. Automated?

    The automated ways are explained above – Autopilot, DEP etc…

    Manual – You already know ….

    Best answer

    It depends –

    Autopilot – CYOD
    DEP – CYOD
    More details

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