Intune-MSfB App assignment


I assigned /deployed Company portal app (required mode) from Intune portal to Win 10 AAD joined + MDM endpoint, but the status always show “Install pending”  in portal and the app does not seem to get installed .

Please help

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    Hi sir

    I have sorted out the issues.
    All good now .

    But one thing I observed is , when I assign MSfB apps in “available mode” to Device groups ,the apps did not appear in company portal after multiple syncs but when I assign them to user groups , the apps appeared in company portal

    May I know why


    Please help

    I created all the VMs in VMware,

    1.I have issue with company portal installation in a machine which was not auto enrolled to MDM but enrolled to MDM manually

    2,In another machine i used auto enrollment to MDM where the company portal got installed but could not see any other MSfB apps that was assigned in “available mode”


    When i create a VM in Azure and have it AAD joined and MDM enrolled , I could not login using corporate credentials but i can login only local credentials(credentials used while creating VM )

  1. Well, the Company portal application from Microsoft store is well known for its miss behavioral issues :-D

    I mean this is a kind of known issue with the online version of the company portal. But I have seen fewer issues with the offline version Company portal.

    Even I have seen some issues with company portal installations because of some issues with the Microsoft Intune service. And that is already sorted out.


      Thank you sir, but only if we install company portal , the other MSfB applications we push from intune portal will be seen,available right

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