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Hi Experts,

I had already created Intune Pilot group with below update ring policy settings starting by this month. I just identifying the process when i will add new systems into the pilot group at the end of month. How soon that system will be update ?

Quality update deferral period (days) : 3
Feature update deferral period (days) : 0

Since Microsoft release patch 2nd week of Tuesday as i have added systems at the end of month.. so not sure how it will work.



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    thank you for the quick responses..

    So i want to manage feature pack update separately then what setting should be configured ?

    I want to ensure monthly update and feature pack update not happening at same time to avoid any issues.

  1. The three(3) days delay from the date of release of quality update.
    Feature updates will get deployed immediately after the release from Microsoft because you kept zero day delay?

    Some of the examples are given in the video tutorial attached the below post

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