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I have a set of questions but unable to find the awnsers. Maybe all of them are just impossible but here they’re.

  • Intune Android -> Multip-app with Dialer and contact. Seems to not work at all
  • Intune Android -> Work Profile -> Is it possible to disable password/pin for personal devices? (the option is only availble on work profile)
  • Intune Android -> APN settings -> I have setup Knox Service plugin to push apn settings on android. Now I wanted to activate it . How?
  • Intune Android -> Do you have any PDF reader in mind that’s free? no subscription or login.
  • Intune Android -> VPN per app. Is it possible to create a custom VPN for android? and push it only for apps on work profile?

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    Thank You for your answers.

    Deepak Rai I will get them installed and tested.

    Anoop C Nair Nair ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. Unfortunately even I don’t know the answers ๐Ÿ™‚


    Intune Android -> Do you have any PDF reader in mind thatโ€™s free? no subscription or login.

    We have few.

    PDF-XChange Editor
    Nitro Reader
    Foxit Reader
    Adobe Acrobat Reader DC – This is also free only.
    Javelin PDF Reader

    NOTE:- None of these PDF Reader’s are tested by me so install at your own risk.

    Let’s wait to hear for your other questions.

    Best answer

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