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I have following scenario in my company.

We have configured the bitlocker encryption on the drivers of the laptops and workstations. Now, comes the time, to enable the encryption of removable drivers.

The problem is, when this policy is configured in intune, the only option to save the encryption key of the usb drive is printing.

Is there a way to store the encryption key in the local disk? (I don’t thibk so, because bitlocker is enabled).

But at least in another usb drive or One Drive?


Thank you

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    With this rule defined, to encrypt removable drives, when a USB is connected to the PC, the bitlocker configuration starts and I have 2 options,

    – save to a file
    – print the recovery key

    If I choose save to a file, I am no able to save the file in the Documents folder, because the recovery key can’t be saved to an encrypt drive.

    Is there a configuration to save the recovery key to intune?

  1. Have you checked Azure AD for the encryption key? I never tested this scenario?

    There could encryption key for different drives?

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