Intune Report for all system last reboot details


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Is there any report or query in Intune to get an export with the details of all system last reboot date and time ?

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    I believe the answer to your question lies in triggering the script mentioned in the below link:

    Recommendation: Please test the script once before scheduling on intune and fine-tune your requirements.

    Once you test the script and you see that you are getting the required output, redirect the output to a file, preferably .csv or a txt file and then add in the code that can trigger an email to the script using send-mailmessage cmdlet in powershell (from address, to address and attachment path to be added so that the mail will be triggered to the intended address)

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    I think the best option is to check the Intune default reports from here


      I am not finding reference for last reboot status report in the given link. Can you please share the complete details to get the report ?

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