Intune – ‘REQUIRED’ application deployments taking 23hrs to reattempt installation(if failed at first instance)


We have MMD devices where we deploy intune applications as REQUIRED deployment(this is due to multiple user devices environment, so can’t make the app AVAILABLE).
If the application fails to install it take atleast 23hrs to retry installation. This is a huge bottleneck for our client at the moment.
Please advise if there any alternative tools which can keep track of Intune Required deployments(like SCCM Client Software center) or alternative ways to improve retry timings.

Thanks alot
Naushad Ali

Answers ( 2 )

  1. I have seen IT pros using both of these together to overcome some of these issues

    Required deployment or assigned to device groups

    Available deployment or assignment to User groups

    Have you tried this?


      HI Anoop, thank you for the swift response. We have limitation over making applications available to User groups. So only option is to deploy as REQUIRED deployment because the applications which are targeted will be used by multiple Users logging in to the same devices.

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