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Hi Team,

Please need your help, some issues in installing SCCM client on few machines. Ours is co-management ( Intune and SCCM )

We have deployed SCCM client via Intune. In Intune console, the SCCM client shows installed successfully.

But when we check on client machines, there is No ” Config Mgr ” app in control panel, No ” Software Center ” app, only some files and folders in ccmsetup folder ( not complete ), No “ccmsetup ” services running.

Would like to know where could be the problem.

1, Is it installation issues via Intune, or

2, SCCM client is not synching with SCCM Server to download all required setup.

Please advise.

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    Check whether all the prerequisites for cmg is meeting here. Try to run the same command line used in intune on a machine from internet and see the ccmsetup.

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    Also check the latest post to understand the flow when you try to install sccm client from Intune


    Hello, Please follow the blog post –

    Review the settings and update if you still having issues.

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