Intune service alert to fix retains old profile content in “Windows.old”


Intune Service alert reported by the Twitter user – Dirk O’Client.

The Windows.old folder contains the previous version of Windows on your device. If you want to remove the previous version after the upgrade, the easiest method is to use the Storage App Settings method. Follow the steps below for your version of the Windows operating system.

There is an option to configure Storage Sense from Windows 11 or Windows 10

How To Configure Storage Sense Using Intune | Endpoint Manager HTMD Blog (

Microsoft released a KB on this KB5012334 — Delete the Windows.old Storage folder in the Settings app

We have a post that explains to remove Windows.Old folder – How To Clean Remove Previous Windows 10 Installations HTMD Blog (

Cleanup Recommendations Previous Windows Installation(s)

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    CLARIFICATION: The intention of the above post was to share the details about the BUG that Rudy found and highlighted in his blog but rather this post was to highlight Microsoft’s acknowledgment of the bug or issue.


    Rudy Ooms explained this in his Tweet here

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