Intune Settings exists on Device even respective profile is removed.


Its been observe after removing Intune Profile from Device or User, settings still exists on the devices such as registry value or other Components

For Example

If VPN Device profile is deployed to one device than entry exist in RASPHONE and registry

anther example

Deployment Rings configuration or Endpoint Protection configurations still exist in device (registry value) even profile is removed for the user.


How to clean this or when it will clean…….any suggestions?

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    Hopefully is there any updates , On the issue any solution for this

  1. Hello Manav – I think this is one of the limitation of MDM component of Windows 10 when you compare it with the group policy. If you deploy a configuration, it shall be there in Windows 10.

    This is expected behavior, isn’t it?

    We are not asking Intune to remove or alter any things in the system. You are just removing it from the Intune portal and on the client-side, I don’t think any action shall be taken unless you specify these settings should be removed, etc…

    Does this make sense…

    Also, this is a documented known issue for Intune management extension. Even if you remove or retire a device from Intune, then also it won’t remove the installed apps if it’s Win32 app deployment

    I think the best way to remove these registry entries via PowerShell script or run a problem uninstall script.

    Does that make sense?

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