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Hi Team,

I have few query to deploy the app via the win32 app method. I am not from background of app packaging.  I have seen video tutorial of Episode 15 and have converted the packaging from .msi and .exe to intunewin format, Thanks Anoop and Team for wonderful video on that. It was really helful.

My query is below:

1, I have source folder which has install.cmd and uninstall.cmd. In intune console while uploading the app, I get an option to give Install switch and Uninstall switch. In this case shall i give as install.cmd and uninstall.cmd as switch ? please advise if this is correct. ( here i converted the package by selecting the install.cmd file ).

2, For few apps i didnt get  uninstall switch. I think I can ‘t leave it blank as it is mandatory. Any idea on this please.





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    Hello, If you already having command line in batch script called “install.cmd” for Installation and wrapped in intunewin format, In that case you can provide the same command file name,
    For uninstallation look for the Registry or vendor site and specify.

    Refer this article by Vimal for more details –

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      Ok Jithesh,
      It is wrapped with uninstall.cmd as well. In that case, I think i can give uninstall.cmd for uninstall switch. Please advise.
      Thanks for link, I will go through it.

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