Intune win32 app reboot middle app installtion


Hi Team,

is there any chance to reboot the machine while the middle of intune app installation.

source behaviour is following steps

  1. setup.exe -> run with admin rights
  2. reboot the machine immediately withing a minute
  3. after login back , the setup.exe will start automatically
  4. installation completed successfully

setup.exe having silent switches, using switches the app is working as expected

created batch script with  silent switches , app is working as expected

created intunewinfile , uploaded in the intune portal, tested in the test machine.
while installation from company portal, the app is keep installing. not going to reboot the machine. any suggesation how to handle the  reboot in middle of app install.?

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  1. Hello, What’s the behavior of the application when are you executing via automated scripts? Adding the restart in between the apps with the Company portal will break the installation.

    Based on application behavior, You could identify the different ways! Could you please let us know more details about the application, If possible what exactly it does! Why are you triggering the multiple-time setup.exe

    By default, when adding a Win32 app to Microsoft Intune, the default device restart behavior is set to App install may force a device restart

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