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I have created two policy 1 is only for quality updates deferral 3 days & feature deferral updates for 0 days. Policy is 2 for quality updates deferral for 30 days & feature updates deferral for 180 days. And only 1 policy for feature updates to keep all machines should be windows version 1903.

Can we use multiple quality updates? if yes then feature update keep my windows 1903 or it would be update to latest one.

as I tested, I have added 1 machine to policy 2 which has 30 day for quality updates and feature update for 180 days but machine has got upgraded from 1809 to 1909 version which should not be. can you pls suggest

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    You can’t have two Software update policies … for machine that creates conflict issues

    You can Check the videos here to see this live

    ‪HTMD-MI2️⃣1️⃣Intune Setup Software Update for Business policies for Wind… via @YouTube‬

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